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It is for this reason that we would like you to carefully read the terms and conditions of access and use of the Website (hereinafter “I’m Your Book Convention”) as they are set out below. Any reference to the I’m Your Book Convention shall include all the regulations and instructions of the Website, which complete, explicitly or implicitly, the terms and conditions of this Website page.


I’m Your Book is a self-knowledge, personal development website thought out as a virtual place where you can find out more things about yourself, you can develop and you can engage in other activities or meet other people with whom you can discuss on these topics. We do not offer any guarantees in achieving the results you aim for, still we wish to offer you a pleasant, clear and as safe as possible environment so that you may accomplish that.    


The I’m Your Book stands as a binding legal act between BOOK PROJECT S.R.L with a registered office in Ilfov, Cantonului Street, No. 9, Corbeanca, phone +40372963329, fax +40372876732, email: („IYB”), being the right holder of all allocated entitlements on I’m Your Book, on the one hand, and any user of the Website, on the other. The I’m Your Book Convention is enforced every time you access the Website, regardless of whether you are a visitor, or a user with an account created on I’m Your Book (hereinafter the “User”), and for the entire duration of your access on the Website.  


By accessing or registering in any way on this Website, you fully and unconditionally accept the provisions of the I’m Your Book Convention, and agree to be part of it expressly and fully for the entire period of any type of use of I’m Your Book  and/or one or more services provided by I’m Your Book (hereinafter “Services”). If you do not agree, in any way, with the provisions stipulated in the I’m Your Book Convention, we would kindly ask you to discontinue accessing the Website.      


For a better understanding of the I’m Your Book Convention, we would like to specify that the provisions shall be presented in sections (hereinafter named individually the “Section” and as a whole “Sections”).


Before reading the Sections below please take into consideration that IYB has the right to change the following at any time and without prior personal notification:  


You shall be notified of any changes on the Website on Changes to the I’m Your Book Convention shall be included in its updated version, with the date of the last update being the one specified in the last Section of the I’m Your Book Convention. We recommend that you regularly check the latest updated version of the I’m Your Book Convention so as to be constantly informed about the applicable version, at any given moment.


Should you decide to continue using the Website after changes to the I’m Your Book Convention, this is considered as being your sole and absolute agreement to all amendments, and to the updated form of the I’m Your Book Convention, as it is published on the Website.




Any User can access the Website free of charge, as well as some information included in it. This does not exclude the fact that you, the User (without being a Member) shall not be bound by the I’m Your Book Convention.


To use the Website, you need to have the necessary equipment to access the Website, and access to the Internet. You must also know how to surf the internet and understand the features and possible limitations of the internet services. We cannot know or guarantee what equipment or software are necessary to access the Website for each individual case, and for this reason we would like you to make sure that your access of the Website is secure and does not infringe any applicable law.  


In order to benefit from all the Website’s Services, it is necessary to become a registered User on the Website (hereinafter “Member”) and have a valid account in accordance with the I’m Your Book Convention.


The Membership gives you free or paid access, where appropriate, to the Services detailed on the Website. For a more detailed and accurate understanding of the Services that I’m Your Book has to offer, please access all the information available on the Website.


Subscribing as Member of I’m Your Book


Subscribing as a Member of I’m Your Book is free. In order to finalize the subscription process on I’m Your Book and benefit from the Services we provide, it is necessary for you to follow the steps below:



Registration Conditions: We mention that, in order to become a Member, IYB relies on the fact that all the conditions stipulated below are met:

  1. (i)You have fully accepted the I’m Your Book Convention in accordance with its stipulations;  

  2. (ii)You are at least 18 years of age or over the age of 18; 

  3. (iii)You go through the registration procedure to become a Member, and provide us with all the mandatory information required in the Registration Form;  

  4. (iv)You provide us with a valid email address; 


Any data and information you provide during the registration to become a Member must be clear, complete and up to date. You have the obligation to update your data you provided every time there is a change by completing the form in the Member Account. Please carefully read the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the I’m Your Book Convention, in order to understand the policy applicable to the provided data and information.


IYB may refuse the Member registration of any of the Users if, as it deems necessary, it has doubts about the veracity of any information the User provided, or about the identity or intentions of the User to access the Website and Services contrary to their purpose or with effects on IYB’s rights, the rights of other Users, or any other people.


Main I’m Your Book Services


The main I’m Your Book Service is the “Personal Development” Service (hereinafter “Personal Development”).


In order to benefit from the Personal Development Service, you will have to answer the questions provided in the Personality Test. You can answer these questions whenever you have the time or availability, as any answers you provide for a part of the will be saved in your Member registration session.


In case you will not answer all the questions provided in the Personality Test, you will become a Member but you won’t have access to the Personal Development Service. Details regarding the Services you can benefit from are available in your Member Account.  


The answers to the Personality Test will generate your personalized book. We ask you to read carefully all the questions of the Personality Test and when you answer, have in mind that the objectified result in the Personalized Book will completely depend on your answers. For this reason, we advise you to be honest with yourself and with what you suggest us in order to fully benefit of the Personal Development Service. You can find out more details on our Website without being a Member or in your account in case you are a Member.

Personal Development targets any Member that wishes to evolve by the means of the Personalized Book.


Member Account


During the Member registration process you will have to choose a Username for the Account. Please refrain from choosing a username that: (i)  contradicts the legal provisions in force or the rules of public order or morality; (ii) may include personal information or information you deem confidential; (iii) may create confusion or association with other protected denominations or trademark names, decisions of competent authorities; (iv) may affect the image or the rights of other people; (v) may be contrary to the I’m Your Book Convention, or (vi) which are indicated by I’m Your Book to be identical or to resemble the Usernames of existing Member Accounts.

IYB has the right, at its own discretion, to refuse any Username which contravenes to the abovementioned, or which can represent, in any way, a potential or current threat to IYB, the Website and/or other people.


The Member Account is created especially for you, and its content belongs entirely to you. Before activating the Member Account, you declare, at your own risk, that the information you provide is true, and your access and use the Website and the Services out of your own free will, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the I’m Your Book Convention. If you do not wish to make this declaration, please do not use this Website in any way.  


You are only entitled to one Member Account on I’m Your Book and have the following obligations:


We reserve the right to cancel any and all Member Accounts and to impose additional restrictions, including access to the Website, if we discover that you infringe, in any way, the foregoing obligations, even if only temporarily.

In the case in which, for the previous situations there are other legal provisions of a civil, criminal, or administrative nature, that are applicable, we have the right to refer to the competent authorities in regards to applying these provisions.  

Considering that IYB has no control over the information, actions or your omissions, IYB may not be held reliable, in any way, if other people access your Member Account, independent of the cause for this access.


In the Member Account you have the possibility to choose any of the I’m Your Book Services and mainly the Personal Development Service.


Access code and Password After having complied with the cumulative requirements for becoming an I’m Your Book Member, you will receive an access code in the email address you provided during the registration process. You will not have access to the Member Account, if you have not provided a valid email address.

Your Member Account is protected by the password you chose. You are solely responsible for keeping your password confidential.  


Please change the password to your Member Account, if you deem it necessary, or you have doubts that someone else might know it. Both in this situation, as well as the case in which you forget your password, you will be able to access the Member Account by following the instructions sent to the email address you provided during the Member registration process.


Member Profile After activating the Member Account, you will be redirected to your profile page, where you may access the Services provided by I’m Your Book, depending on the full or partial completion of the Personality Test.


Please explore every option offered by I’m Your Book inside the Member Profile, to have a clear picture about your status as an I’m Your Book Member. You will find detailed information about the Services you have access to, or may gain access to, rules that apply to Members regarding their online conduct on I’m Your Book, and many other useful recommendations, which will help you fully benefit from our Services and that, depending on the case, supplements the I’m Your Book Convention.


Main Rules for using I’m Your Book. Please read the main rules for using I’m Your Book very carefully, and fully comply with them at all time, and for the entire period of use, in any way, of the Website.


We want to tell you that you are solely responsible for the content of the information you provide on the Website and/or to other Members. Moreover, by using the Website you commit to:


The opinions, advice, statements, offers or other information available on I’m Your Book belong exclusively to the Member or User. They are solely responsible for the fact that they are true or complete. IYB does not guarantee nor support in any way the fact that you can rely on this information, or that it is clear, sincere, and can be used in accordance to the stated or inferred goal.


It is very important for you to know that although you comply with the I’m Your Book Convention, there is a possibility that other Members won’t do the same thing, and post on I’m Your Book, or send you offensive, abusive, or obscene materials, or any type of information which does not comply with the abovementioned. It is also possible that other Members could obtain confidential information about you and use it to infringe your rights and interests, including harassing you, or offend you in any way. IYB is not responsible for your conduct as a Member, or for the information you decide to disclose on the Website or to other Members. Therefore, we advise you to carefully choose the information you decide to share with the other Members.  


IYB reserves the right, but is not obliged, to keep evidence of all materials posted on the Website. Moreover, IYB reserves the right, but is not obliged, to delete any information that infringes on the conditions imposed in the I’m Your Book Convention. Nonetheless, regardless of IYB’s intervention, each Member is solely responsible for the content of the information they post on the Website, as well as for the content of the private conversations between Members or with other people.  

 If a Member does not comply with the I’m Your Book Convention, IYB may sanction its Members by issuing warnings, temporarily or permanently suspending the Member Account, partly or fully restricting access to the Member Account or any I’m Your Book Services, or partially or fully cancelling the Member Account.      


Members whose Account or access to Services has been suspended, restricted, revoked or banned for any given reason, as well as people who have infringed the I’m Your Book Convention, in any way, shall not have the right to access and use the Website and Services, according to IYB’s decision. In all cases, any of the measures that IYB decides to impose for failing to comply with the I’m Your Book Convention, may be taken without any prior notification, regardless of whether the Services are offered free of charge or paid.  

We would like to inform you that you shall not have any right to request refunds or financial compensations for the period in which your Member Account was suspended due to failure to comply with the I’m Your Book Convention, nor in the case of the cancelation of your Member Account or Services.


Service Packages and Fees


In your Member Account, after carrying out and providing an answer of the Personality Test, you have the option to access the presentation of the Personalized Book.

In this presentation, I’m your book offers some information about you, your personality and other aspects of your personal development free of charge, that result from the completed Personality Test. To have complete access at the Personalized Book content, including detailed information about you, I’m Your Book levies a charge.


The price of the complete Personalized Book or other Services through which I’m Your Book levies a charge, as well as their according duration to every presented price are mentioned in your account. You can choose either purchasing the Personalized Book Service or one of the services mentioned there and/or for.

You need to be informed that the Personalized Book Service, as well as other Services presented in the Member Account provided by IYB against the presented prices are not services on for material support and are personalized especially for you following the Personality Test completion.


We would like to mention that the fees indicated for the Services in the Upgrade section do not include, in any way, the costs derived from using the internet services, the means of long distance communication, or any other devices that you will use to access the Services.  


Please carefully read the information presented on the Website regarding the Services and Fees, as well as the implications of a possible withdrawal, waiver or termination of the Services after having paid for access, including in regards to the right of withdrawal from that Service without penalties or providing a reason before payment.

You have the possibility to check the Services and the corresponding information at any given moment while using the Website, as well as before making any payment.  


When you decide to choose one of the I’m Your Book Services and decide to make a corresponding payment for that Service, we would like to highlight that you take upon yourself the following representations and warranties:


IYB has no legal responsibility towards any person regarding your infringement of the provisions abovementioned, or any provisions from the I’m Your Book Convention, as well as the incorrect, or illegal use of the methods of payment. IYB shall not, in any case, return the payment to a Member who purchased a different Service than the one intended, or committed an error when purchasing it.


The access to the purchased Services shall be effective only after confirmation of payment. After the confirmation of payment was received, I’m Your Book will offer you your Personalized Book, in pdf format in your Member Account, so that you can read it and enjoy the information included especially for you.


In case there are claims or other reasons regarding the payments you make, IYB has the right to block the Member Account, until the claim is resolved, or the claim in question is solved, or the reasons are no longer valid, or have been clarified.  


The legal provisions entitle a person to withdraw from a distance contract within 14 days from completing the contract, with no justification for their decision and without any additional costs asides from those provided by law. This regulation does not apply to services of which you fully benefit immediately, of those featuring digital content, which are not supplied on a tangible medium or which are clearly customized for you, as are the purchased Services.  

Therefore, we inform you that you will have the right of withdrawal stipulated above, after you make the payment of the Service and have full access to it, in the time immediately following the confirmation of receipt of payment. If you withdraw from the Services, or subscription, at any time after payment has been made, we inform you that your payment shall not be refunded. If you wish to continue accept and declare as follows:

I know and accept that the service provided is (i) a service with a digital content, which is not supplied on a tangible medium, and (ii) the service is customized according to my requirements. I expressly give my consent that I will have access to the Service immediately after the confirmation of the receipt of payment, and that by accessing the Services, I expressly waive the right to withdraw from the purchased subscription or service. This statement is applicable to any subscription renewal under the I’m Your Book Convention.


Payment Methods The Services for which IYB requires a fee in accordance with the ones mentioned on the Website may be purchased by credit card.


You may find detailed information about each method of payment before making the payment. The expenses or fees pertaining to any method of payment are not included in the price of Services mentioned on the Website. They will be paid separately when you make the payment based on the method of payment you choose. You must know that by making the payment, IYB understands that you fully consent to the method of payment used and you have no legitimate claim regarding it towards IYB.


Payment Refund We respect the mandatory legal provisions regarding the reimbursement of your payments, accordingly. Please take into consideration that we will not make any reimbursements (i) in the case in which you made a payment for your Personalized Book and I’m Your Book provided your Personalized Book in your Member Account (ii) in the case of cancellation of Subscriptions, or for the current billing period, or for the Services you benefitted from when applicable; (iii) for the periods when the Member Account or access to the Service is suspended according to the I’m Your Book Convention; or (iv) if your access to the Website or Services was blocked, your membership was terminated or dissolved and in any other cases stipulated in the I’m Your Book Convention.

We treat each situation individually for each member. Any waiver of payment or reimbursement does not determine the compliance with the obligation of the same reimbursement or similar one in the future.


Subscriptions. Renew Subscriptions I’m Your Book has an interest to offer Members the highest quality and on-going Services, whereas personal development is a permanent process in each ones’ evolution. This is why for certain Services it can propose subscriptions created especially for you. Details regarding any types of subscriptions will be included in the Member Account.

To this end, in the case in which for certain Services subscriptions will be made available, I’m Your Book automatically renews all paid Subscriptions to corresponding Services, when Subscriptions expire, the renewal being made in accordance with the package you chose and by the same payment method that you originally agreed on using. Therefore, renewals are made for a period of time equal to that of your choice, according to the package that you initially chose (example: If you choose a monthly subscription, I’m Your Book will renew the subscription after the expiration of that month for another month. If you have chosen the subscription for three months, I’m Your Book will renew your subscription after the expiration of three months, for another three months. This is the case for all subscriptions, regardless of the initial period you chose).

The Subscription is not extended in case of lack of money at the time of the automatic renewal of the subscription. The Member may at any time purchase a new subscription for the same Service or a different one.


IYB will always communicate in writing the renewal of this Subscription period, to the email address you provided.


By accepting the I’m Your Book Convention, you expressly agree to empower I’m Your Book to make the automatic renewal of subscription by the method described above (regardless of the number of successive extension periods), until you decide to access and decide to cancel the Subscription. In all cases, if you do not want to automatically renew your Subscription to I’m Your Book, please follow the instructions provided in your Member Account.


Cancelling the Subscription:  Except the cases in which it is expressly stated otherwise in the I’m Your Book Convention, you may cancel your Member Registration or Subscription for any of the Services, at any time, during the Subscription process or during the process of subscribing, or any other renewal period, by accessing "Account Settings”. If you access "Cancel Subscription”, the subscription will expire at the end of the subscription period for which you have already paid, and you will not receive any reimbursement for the days you did not use the Subscription, which you initially selected, regardless of whether you chose a one-month payment or paid for several consecutive months.


The provisions of the I’m Your Book Convention are properly implemented for any Gift Services, which may be purchased from the Website.


Processing Personal Information


IYB is a data operator for Processing Personal Information registered no. ......, in the Register of Personal Data Evidence under the aegis of The National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing.


IYB shall fully comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of persons concerning the processing of personal data and free circulation of such data, including subsequent amendments and additions, and Law no. 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communication sector, including subsequent amendments and additions regarding the personal data you provide.


For more information about your rights and personal information data, as well as for relevant information regarding the confidential nature of the information you provide us with, please access the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the I’m Your Book Convention.




Duration of the I’m Your Book Convention


The I’m Your Book Convention applies to all Users from the moment you access or register in any way to the Website, and for the entire period of access of I’m Your Book and/or one or more Services, and for every session of use.


It is very important for you to know that in case you do not agree with the I’m Your Book Convention or with its provisions, or you feel that you have not been sufficiently informed regarding your rights and obligations, please do not continue accessing the Website, or purchase any Service.


The I’m Your Book Convention will remain in force indefinitely as long as you are an I’m Your Book Member even if you did not access, or use the I’m Your Book Services for a long period of time. The I’m Your Book Convention is enforced accordingly, even after this date and/or exercise of rights of IYB and/or the Members.

Moreover, in case you have deleted the Member Account and you subsequently cause material or image damages, or loss or any other aspects pertaining to the safety and good function of I’m Your Book, IYB has the right to use legal means to recover the losses or the damages you caused or to cease the actions that might affect IYB or I’m Your Book.    


You may delete the Member Account at any given moment, with the implications set out in the I’m Your Book Convention or directly by IYB.  


You may delete the Member Account at any time by following the steps in the “Personal Profile” section or with prior notification to the email address: By deleting the account, I’m Your Book reserves the right to send a written notification regarding this situation to all its I’m Your Book Members/Users with which you communicated with the means provided by I’m Your Book.


IYB reserves the right to immediately suspend or restrict access to any of its Services, even without prior notice in accordance with the provisions in the I’m Your Book Convention. Moreover, I’m Your Book reserves the right to delete information or data from your account as well as any other information, registration on the ground of irregularities or abuse in using the Website.




You are fully liable if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions to the I’m Your Book Convention. Some aspects regarding the situations when you are liable are mentioned here and others are stipulated in other sections of the I’m Your Book Convention, or are being derived from these sections.    


You agree to compensate IYB, IYB’s employees and /or any other collaborators and any other person for damages, losses, costs and project costs (including any cost or expense related to recognizing, finding and forced execution or not of any rights) resulting from:

• your actions or omissions, which prevent IYB to ensure the use and function of the Website for the Users;

• any announcements you make on the Website in your name, or on someone’s behalf, including IYB;

• infringement or failure to comply with the I’m Your Book Convention;

• infringement of any law, regulations or rules applicable to the I’m Your Book Convention, IYB or you.


We would like you to consider that you are the solely reliable person for: (i) keeping safe the confidential information regarding the Member Account and shall not have any claims towards IYB regarding the unauthorised disclosure of the credentials; (ii) using an unsecure device and infected with virus, which runs computer applications and which entails the infringement of the I’m Your Book Convention or disclosing the information belonging to a Member, as well as payment for the Services or (iii) the actions and omissions referring to I’m Your Book , Services or actions that are related to them regardless of the fact that they are exercised in the virtual environment, or outside of it.  


Risk taking and precautionary measures. When you use I’m Your Book, you need to take into consideration that we do not guarantee a certain result or level of personal development or the fact that you will be satisfied by that which is included in the Personalized Book.

Moreover, you take the full risk associated with meeting people on or outside I’m Your Book, online or offline. I’m Your Book puts at your disposal the Personalized Book and other Services, as they are indicated in the Member Account and does not set meetings that are direct, face to face or of any kind outside I’m Your Book. You are fully responsible for taking all the risks that might arise when meeting face-to-face with a compatible person I’m Your Book pointed out, as well as meeting in the virtual space, or any other place.


You have the obligation to inform I’m Your Book, as quickly as possible, of any possible infringements of the I’m Your Book Convention by other Users, regardless of whether they are active, inactive or just visitors who access I’m Your Book for different reasons.




By accessing and using I’m Your Book you agree that I’m Your Book offers Services only in compliance with the law in force. I’m Your Book offers Services “AS SUCH” and “THE WAY THEY ARE AVAILABLE” and does not offer “ANY GUARANTEES OF ANY KIND, IMPLICIT, EXPLICIT OR STATUTORY REGARDING THE SERVICES OR THE WEBSITE” (including in regards to the information belonging to I’m Your Book), “INCLUDING ANY COMMERCIAL GUARANTEE SUITED FOR ONE PURPOSE OR INFRINGEMENT”. I’m Your Book DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT ANY OF ITS SERVICES SHALL BE SAFE, continuous, always available, WITHOUT ERRORS OR THAT WILL COMPLY at any given moment TO ALL YOUR REQUESTS OR ANY TYPES OF FAULTS in the provided Services.  


IYB does not offer any guarantees and does not assume responsibility for the connection or the availability of the Services, nor any guarantee for the fact that the Services may not meet your standards or their rendering may determine a predictable result. You are free to choose any of the Services, benefit from them or stop using them in accordance with the I’m Your Book Convention, and we cannot promise or guarantee an outcome.


Information available on the Website The responsibility deriving from the information posted on I’m Your Book belongs entirely to the sender of the post, or to those people who made them available on the Website. I’m Your Book does not guarantee the accuracy, the truthfulness, the complete or incomplete characteristic of this information. I’m Your Book’s involvement or disengagement regarding the information included on the Website shall not be considered as an acceptance or support of this information. IYB shall not be held responsible and shall not be liable for any loss or alleged injury caused by the trust or lack of trust in this information posted on the Website or sent to another User through any means.


Beta Features: I’m Your Book may offer, from time to time, to its Users, without prior notice, some Beta features or other programs or tools and programs with which the Users can experience the newly available or upgraded I’m Your Book Services. These features or tools are made available to the Users exclusively on a trial basis. I’m Your Book does not offer any guarantee, of any kind, in regards to accessing these tools. I’m Your Book may cease, or interrupt, these programs at any time and anyhow, without prior notice, of the Users.


I’m Your Book shall not be held responsible and shall not be liable for any accidental, special, consequential or subsequent damages resulting from, or in connection to the use, or impossibility to use I’m Your Book, including but not limited to damages, losses, injury, data and program corruption, interruption of the service and procurement of replacing services, even if I’m Your Book knows or was informed about the possibility of such damages, except in cases when they occur due to IYB’s gross negligence or intent.


Within the maximum limits provided by the law, under no circumstances, I’m Your Book’s FULL RESPONSABILITY (in any actions regarding the I’m Your Book Convention or use of I’m Your Book) shall not exceed the sum you have paid to I’m Your Book for your Member Account, according to the profile and the service you chose. If you did not pay for the use of I’m Your Book, I’m Your Book’s MAXIMUM liability shall be equal to, or not exceed 30 euros or its equivalent.    


I’m Your Book’s exoneration of liability for other actions Within the law, IYB or I’m Your Book shall not be held responsible or shall not be liable for consequential, direct, indirect, special, general, compensatory and/or incidental damages resulting from your activity, or any other person’s actions regarding the use of I’m Your Book, including but not limited to bodily injury, emotional stress and/or any type of damages inflicted by the communication or meeting with other I’m Your Book Users. This includes any complaints, loss or damages caused by the conduct of some I’m Your Book Users who subscribed under false names (declarations, any kind of information that does not correspond with reality regarding that person) or who attempted to commit fraud, deception or any other action aimed towards you, which had or may have harmful effects of any kind.  


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that some Users may solicit other Users, under various pretexts, the transfer of any sums of money or the offer of any forms of promises and rewards. IYB is not liable for any promises or commitments undertaken by any of the Users, as well as any actions or omissions resulted from it.  


We do not guarantee that the Website or the Services will work if (i) the user’s internet provider is not capable of providing its services in a duly manner (ii) you use different browsers or programs that limit your access to the internet or the Website and this is the reason why we cannot be liable for the complete malfunction or intermittent use of the Website or Services (iii) you are unhappy about the way the Website looks and works or (iv) there are malfunctions of the telephone line or other types of malfunction which block the access to the internet.  


We also cannot guarantee that the Personalized Book document (in the provided format) is compatible with your operating systems, the Services work without interruptions or errors, especially in the situation in which the Website is interrupted in any moment for maintenance, technical improvements, updates or content development and/or the I’m Your Book presentation purposes. When it is possible, we will try to inform the Users about interruptions of the services.


Checking the information: I’m Your Book has the right (but not the obligation) to use different legal ways to check the information provided by the I’m Your Book Members.




Reseller is any Person or Legal Entity from any country that purchases (ImYourBook Voucher) IYBV from the Seller (IYB) with the purpose of making profit from reselling IYBV or with the purpose of make a gift IYBV according to the Website’s conditions, “Resellers” section.

The Seller does not have the obligation to verify the Resellers’ data, which is declared on, the entire legal obligation to declare real and valid data goes to the Reseller. The Seller will issue fiscal invoices to the Reseller with the registered data. The Seller sells and the Reseller buys IYBV only from

The Seller obliges himself to deliver IYBV to the Reseller no later than 30 days from the date of the acquisition. The IYBV will be delivered in a secured electronic system. The Seller will issue the invoice to the Reseller after receiving the IYBV consideration.

The Reseller notifies his own users who will buy IYBV from him that they will have to register on the Website.

The Seller is the sole owner for all the technology on the Website and for any elements that belong to the Website.

The Reseller HAS NO PROPERTY RIGHT over any service or anything else that belongs to

The Reseller buys only the right to resell IYBV with the purpose of developing a business and to make profit from this action.

The Seller is the sole owner of the Personalized Book service, service that is offered to the Resellers’ users from the IYBV acquisition and to any other provided service in the present or the future by the Website.

The Reseller doesn’t have access to the Website’s user data after he sells IYBV. The users that purchase IYBV from the Reseller will register on, will answer the questions of the Personality Test and after they have finished the test they will have to enter the unique code from the Resellers’ purchased Voucher in the Upgrade/Payments section. After this step, the User will have access to his Personalized Book. All the information from the Personalized Book belongs solely to the User, the Provider and Reseller don’t have access to this information.

The IYBV are valid for 10 years from the date of the purchase.

The Reseller can buy from the Seller an unlimited number of IYBV, the minimum number being 10 (ten) IYBV.

The Seller can sell to the Reseller an unlimited number of IYBV, the minimum number being 10 (ten) IYBV.

The full price of the IYBV is 97. The Reseller will buy IYBV at the price of 47 for an IYBV, regardless of the purchased quantity of IYBV.

The Seller can grant another discount depending on the quantity of purchased IYBV by the Reseller, in which case the Reseller will have to contact the Seller. The Seller does not promise, nor is he/she obliged to grant another discount to the Reseller, even if he has been contacted by the Reseller for this purpose. Granting another discount is up to the Seller.

The Reseller can sell IYBV on any amount between 0 and 90.

In the case in which the Reseller sells even one Voucher with more than 90, through more than 90 means any amount above the 90, the Seller will cancel the purchased Vouchers by the Reseller and the unique codes for the respective IYBV will no longer be valid. The Reseller understands and accepts this condition of the Seller and assumes all responsibility, as is the case in which he sells above the Sellers’ imposed price and will lose all IYBV, the Seller cancelling all the respective IYBV codes.

In the case in which the Reseller sold IYBV above the imposed price by the Seller, the Reseller will lose the entire amount invested with the title of penalty and the Seller is entitled to retain the total consideration of IYBV and not to pay back the Reseller the IYBV consideration.

The IYBV will remain valid in the case in which the Reseller sold IYBV above the imposed price by the Provider and the Resellers’ Users have registered on the Website and have validated the IYBV. The Seller applies this exception with the purpose of not affecting the users that purchased with good faith IYBV from the Reseller and have already validated the IYBV on the Website. In this case, the Reseller has the obligation to return the price difference coming from selling over the price of the Seller to the respective user, meaning the amount between 90 and the amount with whom the user bought the respective IYBV.

The Seller will cancel all the IYBV that haven’t been validated on the Website by the Reseller’s users. The Users that bought IYBV from the Reseller above the price of 90 and have not validated IYBV on the Website will lose the validity of IYBV and in the case in which they will try to validate the IYBV bought from the Reseller at a higher price than 90 they won’t be able to validate the respective IYBV. The Reseller has the obligation to fully refund his own users the consideration of IYBV that have a value over 90.

The Seller will cancel all the IYBV purchased by the Reseller regardless of the purchasing date and the IYBV validity date or if the Reseller bought in different days/months/years a different number of IYBV, all the vouchers bought by the Reseller will be cancelled, except those referred to in art. 9 found above.

The Reseller that sold IYBV above the imposed price by the Seller can no longer buy IYBV directly from the Seller or through intermediaries.

The Reseller can pay IYBV through credit/debit card or directly in the Sellers bank account. The Reseller will have to contact the Seller in the case in which he wishes to pay IYBV through bank transfer.

The Reseller will receive the purchased IYBV only after the money has arrived in the account of the Seller.




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