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The Privacy Policy Agreement is an integral part of the I’m Your Book Agreement and duly complements the provisions written on its page.  

The terms and definitions used in the I’m Your Book Agreement also apply to this Privacy Policy Agreement accordingly.


I’m Your Book may amend, at any time, the Privacy Policy Agreement without prior notification. All amendments will be made available on the latest version of the Website, at the updated Privacy Policy Agreement’s section. Your decision to continue using I’m Your Book after the Non-Disclosure Agreement changes represents your sole and absolute agreement to all future amendments to the Website since its last use and thereafter. The date of amendment of the non-disclosure agreement shall be listed in the last section of the page.    


IYB shall fully comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of persons concerning the processing of personal data and free circulation of such data, including subsequent amendments and additions, and Law no. 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communication sector, including subsequent amendments and additions regarding the personal data you provide.


The Information We Gather and the Way We Collect and Use the Information


The information we gather from you after having received your voluntarily freely given consent, falls into two categories: (i) personal identifiable information (Whereas if you are found to be providing false/inaccurate information, we reserve the right to take the required measures, including the ban or restricted access to the Website, and the refusal of providing I’m Your Book) and (ii) non-identifiable personal information. Personal Identifiable Information refers to data which is used to particularly identify an individual and the Non-identifiable Personal Information is that related data or any other type of information which does not disclose your identity. We will describe below the way we collect data and use the information from the two categories.    


Information about you: When becoming a member or accessing the Services, you make your personal data available to us and you give your consent, so that we can collect this data and provide you with Services.  


As for the “Personalized Book” service, you provide answers and information by completing our questionnaire. These answers that you make available to us will generate the Personalized Book. Your answers are strictly confidential, and no other person shall have access to them.  

All the answers to the questions will be automatically coded and processed only by the software comprising the matrix. In In cases where you rethink the answers and change them, it’s possible that the matrix will alter the end result.


Based on the “Personality Test” Service we offer you the „Personalized Book” following your answers to the questionnaire.  

This book is strictly confidential and you are the only one who has access to this book, on your profile page, or by saving it to your computer and then printing it. The Personalized Book will be provided either in pdf format or in your Member Account, where appropiate. The Personalized Book shall not be saved on the Member Account, nor on any file on the server, as long as you are logged on to Every time you access your Personalized Book, the system will generate it automatically; this is being done in order to ensure maximum protection of your personal information.    


Information about purchases: In order to be able to provide you with our products and process your payments, we may ask for your name, address, telephone number, email address and personal banking information. All this information is foremost required in order to process your order or for different reasons, all the above being fully described on I’m Your Book. All card transactions are processed through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and/or strong encryption (3DES) by a Third Party that uses the information only in accordance with the law. I’m Your Book has signed contracts with Third Parties that own the license for processing online payments.


Emails and phone calls: It is very important we have a valid email address in order to register on I’m Your Book and benefit from our services. We use your email address for different purposes: Registration (confirmation of registration, change of password, delivery confirmation of the order you placed, confirming payment, notification about the Personalized Book), advertising (newsletters, new product offers, special promotions, event notifications, special offers from Third Parties, etc.).  

Our email messages sent to you may contain a special code which allows our data base to see the way you interact with us, the way you use our products, including whether the email was opened and/or whether you accessed the link(s) we suggested (if applicable).

If you are not interested in receiving emails from us, please let us know by writing us an email at: contact@ We reserve the right to send some information regarding the I’m Your Book services, such as services notifications or administration related messages.

It may also be possible to contact you on the phone or via text messages (including any phone number) regarding only the I’m Your Book Services. If you do not want to be contacted under any circumstances by phone or to receive text messages, you have the option to edit your Personal Profile and to erase/delete your phone number (communicating your phone number is optional.)  


Mobile phones: If you use a mobile device to access I’m Your Book or to download any of our applications, we may gather information from your mobile, such as the ID of the device, model and manufacturer, operating system, version, IP address information. Geolocation information is gathered only with your given consent.    


Date demografice: We shall collect demographic data and use them to enhance the services for our Users on the website. Thus, we select and show the content we believe they are interested in and we display the content according to their preferences. Some of the information may be shared with advertising agencies on a non-identifiable personal information data base.  


Online survey data: We may administer online surveys for our Members, periodically. In cases in which you find the subjects presented in the surveys interesting, you may choose to participate. We encourage your participation in our online surveys because they offer important information about how we can improve our services. You can also volunteer to participate in some surveys which we offer to our Users. In cases where you give your consent, you will receive all the necessary information regarding these surveys before actually participating. We will not make any connection between your answers and any information that might disclose your identity, such as IP address, client ID, etc. All answers shall remain anonymous.      

Information regarding your friends: We encourage you to share your I’m Your Book experience with one or more friends by sending us your friend’s/friends' name(s) and email address(es). We will send only one email to this/these person/people, which will contain your name and an invitation to visit our website. This email will also include instructions on how their information can be erased from our data base. Because we want the people who access the I’m Your Book website to be interested in the opportunities our Website has to offer, we encourage you to use this option by submitting only the names and email addresses of the people whom you think will be really interested in the I’m Your Book Services. Please DO NOT abuse this opportunity.    


Agreement for research: In addition to the information presented above, by using our Website, you agree to let us ANONYMOUSLY use information about you and about the experience you had using I’m Your Book, as means to improve the website for our users. This research, led by psychologists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, scientists and experts, etc., shall be published ANONYMOUSLY in profile magazines or through any other media channels. All your answers shall be ANONYMOUSLY kept and no personal identifiable information will be published.


Log files: Every time you access or use I’m Your Book, our servers will automatically collect information from your browser (IP, type of browser used, internet provider, pages of references, exit pages, type of application, date, hour and time spent, number of clicks) to analyze and manage our Website, to prevent fraud, monitor the way our Users navigate through the Website, and to gather demographic data. It is likely that we keep a record of your IP address with the purpose of administering our system. The IP addresses are registered to track a user’s session, this information helps us see the location of our users. We consider it is important for you to know that WE DO NOT EMBEZZLE THE LOG FILES.


Cookies: Cookies are very small files in your computer which allow us to quantify the number of visitors on our website and to separate the new Users from the returning ones. Cookies allow you to save your favorite internet pages in your internet browser and give us the opportunity to observe your preferences and tendencies of how you use the Website.


In order to meet the needs and questions of the Website’s Users, the information required through this Website will be electronically stored and processed. The information you provide us with shall be used by us in accordance to the regulations provided above, as well as in purposes associated with I’m Your Book Services and their marketing, as follows:

• processing orders or requests;

• providing Services or other products and / or services to you;

• checking and confirming payments, invoicing, as applicable;

• dealing with requests, questions or complaints made by you;

• carrying out market research and marketing services;

• contacting you (including mail, email, fax, text messages, pager or telephone) regarding IYB product offers and services and that of our distributors or related to carefully selected Third Party products and services, which we believe could be of interest to you (unless you have made a written request not to be contacted in this regard);

• recording your information in regards to the case of allocating and offering gifts, rewards, discounts and other benefits, as well as answering and clarifying any requests or demands that you may have about these issues.


Information updates I’m Your Book gives all Users the opportunity to change some information they previously provided, including deleting their personal information. In such cases, access your account’s settings.


Taking into consideration that many Users use or will use the I’m Your Book services in different moments of their lives and by bearing in mind that I’m Your Book is not aware in which period of their life the User is, we keep your personal information (such as if you kept the account active, even if you haven’t used it in a long time) until the moment you decide to use the delete option in your Member Account.  

We keep this information in order to facilitate your access in cases when you want to come back on the website at any given time.  Thus, if you decide to come back after a certain period of time has passed, you may access the Account without it being necessary to redo the questionnaire completely and other steps of the initial process. You may repeat the questionnaire in case you think that there have been major changes in your life and this decision is deemed necessary. Without altering what was mentioned above, we keep your personal information, even if you do not use the account for a long period of time, as to comply with the regulations in force, to have clear evidence, solve dispute settlements, prevent fraud, and enforce the I’m Your Book’s Agreement and other types of agreements with a lawful and legitimate purpose.


Storing information shall be possible only with your sole and absolute agreement. If not, we shall fully comply with the legal provisions in force.  


We would like to mention that IYB shall not request from its Users any confidential data by any means of communication devices (phone, email), data related to bank accounts, personal passwords etc. In case the User discloses this information to a Third Party, he/she should be accountable and made responsible for his/her actions. Thus, by disclosing such data, the User cannot hold IYB responsible and reliable for any damage or claim.      


Security and Confidentiality


State of the Art Technology to Ensure the Best Security for Your Personal Information


I’m Your Book ensures security measures compliant with international standards to all its websites, users, and visitors in order to prevent the loss, abuse and changes in the information found in our database. These measures include the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and /or strong encryption (3DES), technology used in transactions with debit or credit cards and management access to the all website data. We also use specific security and property measures which are applied to all archives and transfers of information. We will invest the greatest and best possible care in ensuring a secure data transfer between your computer and our servers, but by taking into consideration that no transfer is 100% sure on the internet, we cannot ensure or guarantee full security of your information on the internet. Thus, we would like to inform you that by using our Website, we cannot take on any responsibility for unintentional disclosure of certain information. I’m Your Book shall not be considered liable for voluntary or unintentional disclosure, by a User, of his/her Account Access Information.  


Security at International Standards


I’m Your Book ensures security both from the programming standpoint and from the hosting infrastructures’ (servers, DDOS protection, etc.). The databases are secured with the state of the art technology. The I’m Your Book servers are protected from a cyber security and a physical security of data protection standpoint, as our data center is consistently being updated in accordance with security and redundancy standards. I’m Your Book is constantly being audited regarding our security in real-time use.


Towards the Heart of the Project – How Does the I’m Your Book Matrix Work?


The I’m Your Book project was created to ensure that protection and safety of the information it discloses will be in the foreground. Because we are a team of psychotherapists, we know how important it is to comply with the confidentiality terms and the sense of identity everyone has, this is why you can feel safe here. The I’m Your Book Matrix was designed to transform your answers into numbers, and in the end, into different percentages. No one can decipher the answers because, behind the Matrix, we use a calculation system (a system designed by our team of programmers) which has over 8,000,000 correlations and looks like an algorithm made only from various equations.  


We Tackle the Issue of Confidentiality with Discretion and Professionalism


After you have answered all the questions of the Personality Test you have access to your Personalized Book, either in the form of a presentation or in complete form after purchasing for the price set under the I’m Your Book Convention. Only you will have access to the Personalized Book. All the other Services will enjoy the same confidentiality protection. One of the most important aspects of being a psychotherapist is maintainting the client’s confidentiality, this is why we treat these things with utmost discretion. Your data will be used only in this Website’s interest, other users cannot find you in a database, you will only receive emails from us. All of these because we understand and respect your confidentiality and intimacy.


Please Wait a Few Moments – the Only Price for Optimal Security


The I’m Your Book Matrix utilizes a unique personality test which helps it generate your Personalized Book. In this book we translate all you have told us about yourself through the questions you answered from a psychological standpoint. Every time you enter the website to read your book it will generate automatically. It shall not be saved in the database for your protection, but it will rather be generated each time you open it or you want to download it. We wish you enjoy your reading as you will discover the most complex analysis of yourself, comprising over 700 pages.  


The I’m Your Book Matrix has a unique personality test that helps it to generate your Personalized Book. In this book we translate from a psychological standpoint everything you told us in the questions you have answered. Each time you enter the website to read the book it will automatically generate. It won’t be saved in the database for your protection, rather it will be generated each time you open it or you want to download it. We wish you to enjoy your reading because you will discover the most complex analysis that has over 700 pages. In any case, you can benefit both from the pdf format of the Personalized Book according to your options at the time of purchase.  


Push notifications: We send Push notifications regarding the I’m Your Book Services. If you do not want to receive any Push notifications, you may turn them off in the settings menu.


Disclosing Information to Third Party and Third Party Advertising


Disclosing your information:  WE DO NOT DISCLOSE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION (phone number, email, address) to other Members of the Website or other third parties. I’m Your Book provides its Services through the medium of the Website, in order to protect your privacy and contact details.


Legal framework: You consent, agree and approve that we can and have to disclose the information you provided us, only if it is deemed necessary, in compliance with the Privacy Policy or according to the section of Terms and Conditions of the I’m Your Book Convention, concerning the usage of the Services I’m Your Book, and in compliance with the law, at the request of a Third Party or if, to our discretion, we believe the disclosure can be made as follows: (a) in compliance with the law in force, requests of law enforcement or any legal process; (b) protecting or defending I’m Your Book, a Third Party, property rights; (c) to protect someone’s safety and health, such as damages that are being caused or damage against any other person (including you), or when your health and safety are threatened.    


Disclosing information in order to protect people from any abuse: Without altering any other provisions from this Privacy Policy Agreement or I’m Your Book Convention, we reserve the right with no obligations to disclose any information you provide to I’m Your Book, in case and based on our opinion, we have reasons to suspect that the information pertaining to us might involve a person who is the victim of any type of abuse. The abuse may include, without limitations thereto, maltreatment, child abuse, domestic violence or neglect, etc. We may divulge the information to the authorities, as we deem necessary, if after careful consideration, we believe them necessary to manage the arising disclosure. The competent authorities may include, without limitation, the institutions and authorities that act in accordance with the law in force, Child Protection Services or any other agencies we deem necessary. I hereby attest and agree that we disclose information as specified above.        


Disclosing information to a Third Party: In certain situations, it is possible to have to share your information (information that does not reveal your identity) to a Third Party, together with you (in collaboration with you), to service providers we work with, as to manage the proper functioning of the I’m Your Book Website. For example, the client outsourcing agencies or programmers may have access to your information in order to provide the services for you. Your information is labeled as private and confidential by our providers and shall not be used for any other purposes than for the ones we authorized them.


Transferred information as a result of the sale of I’m Your Book Just as we developed I’m Your Book, we could buy and sell assets, and based on the transaction, your data may be one of the assets we decided to transfer. We may also buy a similar website to I’m Your Book and unify the database of the two websites, in which case you shall be notified in advance regarding the next steps to follow and the way you will interact and communicate with other website users of the new website. In the case where we will be bought by other natural person or a legal person, your data may be transferred to that person. If such transaction is to occur, you shall be duly notified. You will also be informed over any changes regarding the way data is collected or if it is going to be used and/or disclosed in case we are going to be bought by a natural or legal person, or in case we buy a similar website to I’m Your Book.  


Third Party advertising: We may use advertising agencies as third parties or other service providers to post ads on our website on behalf of I’m Your Book, or use Third Party advertising agencies. These companies may use cookies and web frames in order to measure the efficiency of their ads. Any information the Third Party uses to collect through cookies and web frames are completely anonymous. We will share your information with a Third Party as specified in this Privacy Policy agreement.  




You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the I’m Your Book newsletter by using the special section dedicated to this on the Website.  I’m Your Book never sends newsletters to anyone who did not subscribe beforehand.

Legal provisions state that there may be commercial communications through the use of automated calling systems that do not require human intervention, through fax or electronic mail, or any other method that uses electronic communication services to the public, only if the subscriber has given his prior express consent to receive such communication.


Important Rights


People who send their personal information to I’m Your Book are guaranteed their rights in accordance with the legal provisions, following to be informed through the public made announcement through this system by IYB of their rights as follows:

• The right to access; IYB has the obligation to confirm the user whether or not it processes his/her personal information, free of charge, based on a written, dated, signed request sent to IYB’s postal address, specifying as subject Personal Information;  

• The right to rectify data, IYB has the obligation to rectify, update, block, erase or transform into anonymous data, free of charge, the data whose processing does not comply with legal provisions;

• The right not to be subject to individual decisions;

• The right to go to court;

• The right to be against your personal information being processed and request deletion of this personal data - anyone has the right to object to their information being processed for legitimate reasons. Thus, this consideration cannot be present if the processing has a binding arrangement; also, every person has the right to object, free of charge and without justification, to the processing of his personal data for direct marketing purposes.


You have the right to request us to delete all your information by contacting us at the mailing address mentioned on the Website.         


You may use the following options to eliminate certain information about yourself, including an unauthorized profile, from the email database, if you do not want to receive any promotional emails and newsletters.

To unsubscribe from the newsletter, send an email to Unsubscribe to the email address

Editing your Personal Profile – editing the information on your personal profile (including phone number, email and address) may be done by accessing your Profile settings. You may edit all the personal information you want to change.

Delete account – you may delete the account by accessing the section titled Delete Account. Once the account is deleted, you shall not receive any information about your Personalized Book or other I’m Your Book Services.

For any other requests please contact us at:  


Amendments to the Privacy Policy


In the case we decide to amend the Privacy Policy, we will post those amendments on this page and any other pages of the Website designed to make these changes more accessible. In this way, you are informed at any time about what information we collect, how we use it, under what circumstances, in case we are compelled to disclose it or not. We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy Agreement at any time, so please refer to this page frequently. If we make changes to this page, we can let you know by other means, such as email. The announcement on alternative methods of announcing changes - other than the updates on the page – the Privacy Policy Agreement - is an additional option of communication and information of ours, in the sense that we are not obligated to notify you by email, or other means than through the Privacy Policy page.

Your decision to continue using our website after changes to the Privacy Policy Agreement represents your sole and absolute agreement to all amendments to the Website thereafter.


Contacting I’m Your Book  


For any information regarding the Non-disclosure Agreement, the Website’s best practice or other unclear aspects, please contact us at: contact


Date of Amending the Privacy Policy


At the date hereof the Non-disclosure Agreement was amended on 2018.01.01


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