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The Personality Matrix

Applying Artificial Intelligence to generate your personal psychological profile – An in-depth connection with yourself

I’m the Matrix of your personality and I have been created to help you discover yourself on your path to personal fulfillment. I am here to guide you, to help you write your book and to provide an answer to all the questions you might have about yourself.

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Your Book's Tutorial

Immerse in the journey of finding yourself through your Personality Book.

  • Enter your world through your Personality Test
  • Delight yourself with a gift - the summary of your book
  • Get access to the complete book that has over 700 pages and explore your inner world
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Your Personality Book

I'm the Personality Matrix and I invite you to discover how brilliant, extraordinary, complex and unique you are. The answers you give to the questions of the test are uniquely intertwined to create your book.

  • What is yet to be discovered in your book?

    A complete summary of your body, mind and heart, aimed to highlight your strengths, find your potential and provide you answers to the questions you have about yourself and others.

  • Discover your full potential

    We dare to tell you that you are brilliant. Aren’t you curious to find out the most important areas of your personality? Your book will show you 500 different mirrors and angles of your personality. Commence your journey now and enjoy the book of you.

Founder - Alina Iliescu

I have always had a genuine interest in helping people discover their potential. The satisfaction you can read in others’ eyes when they succeed in reaching their potential is my mission in life.

  • More than just a personality profiler

    I am passionate about the human psyche and its understanding and I decided to design a Personality Matrix that will become an Artificial Intelligence tool to have at your disposal. I wanted to bring together as in a puzzle what was written in psychological research in the last century, while adapting it to real life. And within two years and a half we created this Matrix and personality test that suits each and every one of you.

  • Unleash your personality

    I hope the Personality Matrix can aid you in the process of psychological and emotional development. We all have different layers that can hide our true self and our goal is to smooth the diamond where your true potential lies.

I'm Your Book - Team

We are proud to work with a highly skilled team of professionals in the field of psychology, to create the first Encyclopedia of the Human Psyche, a tool designed for Personal Development.